Hiiiiiiiiii ><

Ugh.! The weeks are going by too fast. I have a comic i meant to post on the 23rd! And I still havent gotten around to it :( It was my Bday last tues so Happy belated Birthday to me and my twin joules!!! <3!

Anyways, last night Andy <3 and I carved pumpkins and watched The Monster Squad. One of the best 80’s kid movies ever!! And Andy had never seen it. *dies* And we ate popcorn and I had rum and apple cider.  It was altogether a lovely spooky evening. Now… BEHOLD!!!


Mine is the tree on the right and Andy’s is the spooky one on the left. oooOOOooo! I have the next 4 days off.  So i prommmise a new comic!

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