RIP Mr. Ledger :(

I’m sure you’ve all read about Heath Ledger by now.. I think it’s sad. And I can’t help but hope it’s just some sick twisted viral add marketing ploy for The Dark Knight… I’ve read so much about the “method acting” he was employing. Locking himself up.. keeping a journal of all his dark thoughts. I very much doubt it tho… he’s mostly likely dead dead. All that craziness tho, makes me wonder if this had an effect on him that would lead to this. Anyways, Good Bye Mr. Ledger.

In other news, a surprising # of people are confused by my latest comic I posted a few days back. The kitten is dressed as Doctor Who, particularly the 4th Doctor played by Tom Baker. It’s a play on words as well as a segway into the next few comics. You can thank Andy for getting me into Doctor Who, and to David Tennant for being so awesome.

tee hee So the other day I decided to make Business cards. They’re not too professional looking. But I had fun all the same. I’m on my way to becoming something.. um.. successful? *snicker* riiiiight. ANYWAYS. I HAVE BUSINESS CARDS MEOW.

HOTAlso equally cool is my new cell phone. The Sony Ericsson W580i . It’s crazy hot. HOT. and Sexy. I’m in love with it. I wasn’t even eligible to upgrade… (almost tho, a few months off), and I really needed a new phone. My old one had been partially dropped in water last Thanks Giving. SO a buddy of mine from work called my Provider and used his persistent awesomeness to bully them into giving me a upgrade w/ a wicked price.  And he also got me an 8gb SD Memory card. And waived upgrade fees. SO AWESOME. TY TYLER!<3! This phone has everything. Bluetooth, Speaker phone, 2 mega pixel cam, an Odometer! It’ acts as a mp3 player, it’s very customizable and it came w/ really good headphones and a usb cable. SO NIIIICEEEEE. Texting feels smooth. It fits into my hand like it was meant to be.. siiigh <3

Also, I made a knitting section to house everything I make so I don’t have to hunt through old posts. It’s the cute kitten in the header bar holding a flower. I wanted to pixel a little cat w/ some yarn, but I haven’t had any time :( And! Speaking of knitting, my friend Jen and I, drove up island to this awesome little wool shop called “The Loom”. It was like a closet room packed from floor to ceiling w/ wool of every kind. It was amazing. I easily could have spent a few hundred dollars. But being as I’m trying to be good w/ money. I limited myself to $25. I r good XD I can’t wait to show you what I make <3! Which reminds me, I need to take pics of the tea cozy I just finished. HMM.  No time, no time! I have to go to work now. BOO.

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