How I love Spring!!1

There are cherry blossom trees in bloom, the sun has been shining , the gray clouds are starting to fade…  and things are beginning to feel right w/ the universe. This my friends, is the prelude to Spring.  Oh beautiful spring.. a season of starts… twitterpation*, daffodils, and an ending to what i like to call, “Rock Bottom Month“! *queue dramatic music* But what is this mysterious month you ask? Well, pull up a chair and I shall try to explain.

For me, Rock Bottom Month has always been either Feb or Mar-ish.. and it’s a month where everything that can go wrong does go wrong -_-. In which everything feels hopeless and I have no money and i usually get really sick and i’m depressed and i’m having boy problems and i’m tired of it always being so cold and the whole universe seems to be against me! This happens every year without fail.  I know it’s going to come, i have no choice and I accept that.  I try to think of this in a positive way… *queue silver lining* and say to myself.. well, at least i’ve gotten all the shit out of the way and it’s just going to get better from here out! gogo eternal optimism. ><

Do you guys have a rock bottom month? A certain month in the year you always dread?

In addition to the beautiful cherry blossoms that have sprung up on my street, I have another reason to be excited.  The Q*bee Spring Activity. I cannot wait to get home and start pixeling for the new activity. The challenge is to pixel a flower, either using a template, or a free form.. 50×50.  You can only submit one, but I’m going to practice my pixel skills and make a whole bunch.  Then I’ll submit the best of the lot!! Wai wai! I’m want to make pretty flooooowerrrrs. I also want to go home and continue to work on my new Q*Bee page layout.  I can’t decide if I want to just do a nice new pixel css and leave it at that, or try to use the quilt admin program. I feel intimidated. I want to at least take a stab at it, but i’m afraid i’ll wuss out! We’ll see, we’ll see.

I keep forgetting to post pics of the blanket I’m working on too.  You see, part of the problem is that when I work 6am to 2:30pm I get so inspired. And I know what I want to write about, post about and i have all these ideas for graphic and colors i want to work on. BUT! I R AT WORK. WOE IS ME. And While I get a liberal amount of access to the Internet. I don’t have any art-sy programs and I can’t download or upload. And then by the time I get home, I’m tired, and I have house hold tasks… Oh well!!! This post has taken most of my shift on and off to finally finish as it’s been pretty busy. And that means only 1.5 hours to go till i can start my lovely journey home to my beautiful computer that i’m sure is missing me at this very moment.

Is everyone as in love w/ their computers as I am?

*Twitterpation may or may not be a made up word that to me describes everyone falling madly in love w/ everything in sight. It usually occurs in the spring time and has people making daisy chains in fields and other such nonsense.

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