It’s raining, It’s pouring? And well… no one is actually snoring but you get what I mean.

Hihihihi.. why is it raining???? boooo.

So first off, I still haven’t found a new job but I’ve applied at a few places.. I’m basically going to just keep applying for jobs until someone can match my current wage and then i’ll stop having panic attacks… i just really hate looking for a new job. sigh… *slaps self* Constant Vigilance!!

Secondly… I need to blog about the Q*bee some more! We’re in the middle of the Spring Activity and I just want to show off my Spring page because every time I look at it i squee. It’s just sooooo pretty!!!1 So click here if you want to indulge me at looking at all the pretty flower boxes row after row. What I love about the Q*bee is the way you get to interact so much. I mean.. some ppl might be all… umm.. you’re trading flowers made w/ pixels and putting them in a virtual garden.. *blank stare* But to me? It’s amazing to see all the diff ideas and flowers that people can come up with!! *happy sigh* How i love the Q*bee!

A doodle for a rainy day. Ok, ok, enough of my Q*bee ranting, (you should join the Q*bee cough cough), I want to ramble about drawing for a bit. Here’s a doodle i did cause it’s been raining for the past 4 days. It’s pretty simple but I love it so much!! *cuddles kitten dry*

So my twin Joules, has a side company thingie where she puts on art shows locally. Usually feat. herself and some of her artsy friends.. It’s at a space downtown and she has a live band providing ambiance and it’s licensed 19+ as well as catered. She puts a ridiculous amount of effort into them, making the flyer’s, promoting, creating her own pieces etc etc and of course I love to go to them and support her. But I’ve never consider myself a fellow artist. All i do is doodle comics! Well, she’s thinking about doing a local Victoria Womans Modern art type thing event and asked me if i would submit some of my stuff. Like.. professionally blow up some of my comics and mat them on glass or what not and have them hang at the show… just the thought terrifies me!! wah! But then I thought… well, is it any diff from displaying it on the internet for everyone to see? Of course not. So I think I might do it. And hand out little business cards of my website. XD But I don’t know what comics to focus on. So this is where you guys come in!! Do any of you have a favorite comic I’ve done that in your mind stands out? If you do, could you please let me know? I’m kinda biased and in love w/ all of them so i can’t decide>< Halp!!! *hugs and kisses to all that reply* If there’s a lot to chose from, maybe I’ll put up some kind of vote to decide. XD I’m getting just a little bit excited ~_~

Annnyways, I need to do three loads of laundry, the dishes, the washroom, sweep and tidy because i have a routine smoke detector checkup thingie w/ my landlords on Thurs and my flat is an utter mess! Byyyeeee.

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