Tee Hee Hee worms are cute.

Has it been a week already?? rawr? Yes it has I suppose. It’s Friday or Die! Today’s comic is the fruitation.. (i love how that word rolls off my tongue… fruitation..) group effort!!1 My good friend Fuji was worried that Rice (the panda) has been looking thinner and thinner as of late.  (lol). So he suggested I made a cute little comic about him eating an apple.. so i mulled it around in my head.  But I was hopping around Michelle’s site (which i love go see it), when I got really inspired to draw it. So I dedicate today’s comic to her!

In other news, it’s snowing today. And here I was all bragging about how beautiful spring is and now my toes are cold and it’s all knids of yucky. And the air conditioner at work is on glue cause it’s cold inside too and I’m wearing a sweater and my coat and I’m still cold!! And they’re doing construction upstairs so it’s loud. And I still haven’t found a job. And I got a notice of rent increase. And I’m not allowed to have a gecko in my building. And I’m sad for personal reasons I don’t really want to go into and blah!

My new friend Mildred! Well, the one bright spot in my day was I decided to get Berny a friend. This is Mildred. Isn’t she pretty? She’s a little smaller and her spiky bits are more feminine.. but the real reason she called to me is cause i saw a sparkle out of the corner of my eye.  Now I’m thinking once upon a time she was next to some plant that must have had a sparkly ribbon or sign or something. And the sparkles fell in the dirt. To me tho! it was a sign cause i loooooovee sparkles and sparkly things. I’m like the crow from “The Secret of Nimh“, I just love pretty sparkly things.

I’m also trying to post photo’s in my flickr more. I love taking pictures but I rarely post any! I’ve just never been too inclined to in the past but I’m doing it now! So you can look at silly things i like or make if you’d like. There’s a link to it in my profiles section as well as that little java thingie in the sidebar.. but i dislike java so i might replace it w/ an HTML badge. Iono. We’ll see! *hugs*

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