Yay Pumpkins!

On Tuesday night Andy and I carved our Halloween pumpkins.  It was oodles of fun as it always it <3  Andy almost gets more into it that I do, so it’s super enjoyable for both of us.  Here are this years pumkins. Can you guess which one is mine? Mew?

Halloween Pumpkins 2008

Mine is the kitty one of course ^^ And Andy’s is the spooky face, which, if you look closely is related to Batman! Which is also no surprise because Andy’s obsessed w/ Batman.  He’s so cute.

Speaking of Andy, this year he took a safety course and got himself certified to launch fireworks! (The bylaws are super strict where I live and all fireworks require a permit and license thingie.) He then proceeded to spend an un-godly amount of money on fireworks. But it ought to be fantastic.

Zombie pics are still to come.  I’ve been too busy spending every spare moment sewing his pirate costume pants and trying to catch up on Q*bee trades ><

Anywho! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! <3

Ps. Here’s one pic of Andy and I as zombies until I do the rest.

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Happy Hump Day!

I was going to title this post Wednesday woes.. because I liked the alliteration. But I was trying to think of my woes, and I couldn’t! So a happy Wednesday it is.  :smile:

Tomorrow is my twin’s bday (so i guess it’s mine too :razz:), but I don’t really like to make too much of a big deal out of it. Anyways, I’ve been crocheting up a storm w/ things I’m making for her and I can’t wait to show you all. Even tho she rarely checks my site, I figure it’s best being safe so I don’t spoil her surprise!

We’re turning 26 this year and I’m feeling good about it. When you hit the latter half of your 20’s… it’s easy to get lost in the late 20’s panic of what I’m doing, or rather, not doing with my life.  But instead of being in a place where I worry about my debt, lack of proper post secondary education, my smallish hourly wage or the ever ticking biological clock (eeeeek), I’m happy w/ my job, my flat, my Andy, my days and my nights.

Plans for today? Work! yoga! SYTYCD! And finish the comic I’ve been working on! It’s a lovely day peoples.  :evil: Bye!

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I heart point form.



~i’ve been crocheting a lot for joules up coming bday.

~saw darknight in the imax on friday. it was even more fantastic than i remember from watching it the first 3 times in theatres ~_~!  my poor andy had a migraine tho, but he’ll suffer anything for Batman.

~and then i crocheted…

~went shopping on sat morning for my zombie cotume. i’m doing the zombie walk on sat 25th.  andy and i are super excited. i’ll be sure to post pics.

~then i crocheted some more…

~the new wow patch is awesome.. almost too awesome. note to self: DO NOT GET SUCKED BACK IN.

~went to a bday dinner for my good friend mike scott on sat night. and then i spent the evening crocheting with my mom.

~sunday morning i had a lovely breakfast w/ andy and then i crocheted rthe after noon away at my mom’s house and watched High School Musical… (we’re watching the second one tonight!)

~woke up this morning and did a decent amount of work on Andy’s pirate pants that I’m sewing for him for Hallowe’en. eeek! 10 days left!

~my apt is a mess. i’m being attacked by fruit plies in my kitchen and i’m open to suggestions on how to deal w/ them as i’m fighting a losing battle.

~so you think you can dance canada is awesome.

~regular comics will commence again on friday oct 24.


~bye <3

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Meet Punky Pie! He wishes you a Happy Turkey day too  :grin: I whipped him up for Andy’s mum Sue because she is the most wonderful woman who always welcomes me into her home. I wanted to being her a hostess gift and i couldn’t think of what, and then i thought of this! I hope she like it ~_~

Meet Punky Pie!

Dinner was excellent as usual. Andy’s mum is an amazing cook ^^ Luckily she planned an early dinner because the moment we sat down to eat and begin the power went out. :eek:  It actually affected almost the entire southern part of the island and was out for almost two hours. I’m sure a lot of people had to suddenly start bbq’ing their dinners or dig out their Coleman stoves. (That’s what we did for after dinner tea)!~ Hopefully no one’s dinner was ruined beyond repair!

Anyways, I’m off to my second turkey dinner at my older sisters house! Peace yo <3

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