We’re still fighting.

I was talking to my director about… something, can’t remember what. But what it led to was a comment on the new law that was just passed in Afghanistan.

It basically makes it illegal for a woman to refuse her husbands sexual advances.  In short, it legalizes raping your wife, and that’s not even the law in entirety.  It also states a woman cannot work outside of the home, or go to school without her husbands permission.

It’s easy to forget, living here in comfy little Canada, that the rest of the world is in turmoil still. That even though the woman before us have fought for our rights here, we still have sisters in other parts of the world who are slaves.  Who must submit sexually.  Who must dress how their husbands ask. Who are beaten down and pelted with stones when they stand up.

This is one of the reasons I get so annoyed when I meet a women who’s never voted.  We have an election coming up here in BC.  On May 12th, we’ll choose who runs the province for the next four years and 60% of the woman I know will probably not vote. We fought hard for the right! The right to make a difference.  But so many Canadians, and Americans too, don’t bother to vote. The % gets lower every time.  And it’s not just woman, but young people, poor people, people who just don’t care….

And Gordon Campbell… a slimy and greedy individual will most likely win again. And control BC for a third term even tho his decisions only benefit the few and not the many.  BC needs to wake up.  If everyone who was paid minimum wage, everyone who struggled to make ends meet voted, we could change the way BC works.

Think about it.

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It’s too nice to work today…

and yet here I am, at my desk.  Working on financials and prepping Student Loan breakdowns.  Yuck.

Insteaddddddd, maybe I’ll write a little about my weekend.  I got four whole days off1 and I tried to enjoy every minute of it.

Friday morning Andy and I drove up to Parksville to relax a little and spend some time alone. <3  It was so lovely, we stayed at a quaint little hotel with a truly stunning view.  The beach went on forever and the tide was out so there were these lovely little pools every where like gems sparkling in the sand.

After we checked in we walked over to this fun little adventure park and had some lunch.  Nom nom! We played miniature golf twice and Andy beat me in both games >< However! I did manage to get a hole in one on the last hole which is the hardest and I won a free game! Tee hee! We also got ten dollars in tokens for their awesome silly arcade and had oodles of fun playing silly things to win tickets.  Collectively we totalled 103 tickets and I got to buy some silly things like a pink recorded, some plastic hollow dice and a Chinese finger toy trap! It was so much fun to just relax and enjoy each others company.

For dinner, we ate at the Hotel restaurant Heron’s and it was so romantic.  We shared a decanter of red wine and had a lovely meal. 2  We were sat in a corner of glass windows over looking the ocean as the tide came in and the stars came out. 3

The next morning was bright and sunny…  a nice quick breakfast and then we packed up to head home.  On the way, we detoured to stop in Coombs which is this awesome little market Village.  I picked up a few awesome items; a red lady bug yoyo, a lovely little wooden owl, some garden trolls and a nice sturdy back scratcherfor my mum.  There was so much to look at, we just walked around and i took pictures of neat things.4  After we left Coombs we made one more detour to check out Ladysmith and have lunch at this quaint rickety diner. 5

Shortly after we finally arrived home! And that… in a nutshell, written sporadically over the course of my work day, was my trip to Parksville.

On a final note… how is it already Wednesday!?

  1. rarely happens so it’s uber exciting []
  2. a little on the pricey side but worth it!! []
  3. swoon moment []
  4. i threw up some of my favs on my flickr account []
  5. I had a cheeseburger and it was yummy []
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Cup Cake wa Oishii desu yo!

Happy Thursday!!

Today in my mind is actually Friday because I get a nice long weekend due to Easter.  This is very exciting to me.  Long weekends are far and few between  and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it! :grin:  

I’m starting off my morning with a lovely cup of Lady Grey tea by Twinnings1 and a cup cake! Cupcakes for breakfast you say!?!? Crazy! Maybe, but there’ some reason to my madness ~_~

The new Q*bee Activity was announced and it’s the Birthday celebration of the club.2 Our mission, should we choose to accept, is to pixel adroable yummies to share and nom on.  Nom nom! I got inspired a little and made a few friends to join the party.  Let me introduce them to you!

Up first is Miss Sleepymints,    Shhh! She’s still napping ~_~ 

Next is Miss Coco Cher,  she’s cute and she knows it ^^!

This little shy guy is Carrot Top,  he’s a little self conscious but the yummiest of them all I think!

And last, but not least is Mister Jellin,  he’s a little grumpy… prolly cause he has a jelly bean on his head ~_~

I’m in love with them all! I can’t wait to pixel some more this weekend!! :evil:

This my dear readers is one of the reasons the Q*bee is so awesome.  Since most of my readers are in the Q*bee I’m sure you’ll all agree, but for those of you that arn’t! You could be! Tee hee :razz:

Ok, moving on!3  All this yummy pixeling got me craving cupcakes so there was nothing else to do but make some last night! 


Nom Nom!!

Don’t they look super yummy!!! They’re devil’s food chocolcate cupcakes w/ creamy vanilla icing that I’ve colored to make rainbow colors!4  For the final flourish i’ve topped them w/ gum drops, jelly beans and peppermints. 

Since I’ve already had two this morning,5  I’m taking the rest to my work today to give them to my co-workers.  It’s always better to spread the calories, err, i mean the love! :smile:

I hope you all have a great weekend where ever you are.

Ps.  Warm hugs to my sick hunnyb.  Happy Anniversary :<3:

Pps.  In case you’re wondering what’s up w/ my site,  today is Naked Day!

  1. my favorite brand []
  2. yayay Q*bee! happy Bee-day! []
  3. running out of time before I have to leave for work []
  4. at this point i somehow managed to break a nail. sadface []
  5. bad christine!!1 []
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Mew mew mew mew mew!

So yesterday I worked on my comic for hours and made this super cute one. I was so proud of myself for finishing early and all ~_~

Then Andy invites me over to stay the night and said he’ll drive me to work the next morning1 so of course I was excited to spend some time with my hunnyb.  And therefore promptly forgot all about scanning said awesomeness.


Oh well! All for a worthy cause!2

It’ll be posted tonight when I get home from work. :)

  1. This is a novelty that never happens since he works earlier than me, but he has this week off, the lucky bum! []
  2. cuddles! []
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