One of my October goals is to write a blog post every day.  Really that’s an every day goal on it’s own anyways, but there’s something about the “beginning” of anything that inspires you to start this time, for sure.  Right.

But the question I read on so many blogs these days, is what to write about? Do I write for a reader? Do i write for myself? Do i write to remember things?

I think in the end, I just like to write what ever I’m thinking at the moment.  I’m envious of  Erin’s ability to make anything sound awesome.  Seriously, she can write about puking to painting toe nails to health-care debates and it’s all very enjoyable to read.  And one of the things i think she has over a lot of blogger, is how honest her writing always comes across.

When I write, what i really try to do is just get my thoughts down.  I’ll type the whole thing at once just to get it out, but upon reading it, I realize just how disjointed my brain is.

I was talking to my good friend Dave last night, and he phrased it in a way that I’ve often thought of but never really voiced.  He was telling me that his brain often works like tab browsing sometimes.  And that he’s always getting distracted from his original thought as he tabs aside things he wants to remember to touch upon.  I’m much the same way.  I keep day dreaming for the day we get to implant chips in our heads and download/upload thoughts, information and knowledge.

*gets side tracked by thinking about technology*

Oh look! My work day is almost complete!:grin:

Happy Friday everyone!:evil:

*hugs and kisses* :<3: :xox:

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