Pumpkins Galore!

Last night,  Andy and I had a most wonderful evening filled with Dorito’s, pirates and pumpkin guts! These were the results:

Andy and I's pumpkins!

Ahhh, they look so lovely all in a row.. i‘ve got a lovely bunch of pump-a-kins..

Ehhh….  Doesn’t sound as good, ANYWHO! Would you like to see the pumpkins up close and personal? Of course you would! Here we go!

My First Pumpkin!

When I saw this design, I knew I had to make it! I love the combination of the shoe and kitty cat.  Meow!

Andy's first pumpkin!

This was Andy’s first pumpkin! I like his twisted grin and spooky eyes! :)

Hoo! Hoo! said the Owl to the Jack-o-Latern!

This was my second pumpkin.  It was a little hard.  I almost screwed up the eyes and beak!!! EEkkkk!!! I love how the pumpkin is looking up and the owl is looking down! Hoo hoo!

Rawrrr!!!! *eeeeks* *runs away*

This was Andy’s second pumpkin.  I love how spooky it is.  Scary pumpkins are my favorite, but I never carve scary ones for some reason. I’m too drawn to cute. Isn’t is awesome? It’s prolly my favorite.  :smile:

I also want to show the pumpkin I carved at Joules house last week.


I didn’t have very good tools, so it’s not as good but it was oodles of fun to do! I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the one Julianne carved! Bad Christine! Maybe she’ll send me a picture message and I can add it ~_~ *hint hint*

I love pumpkins!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a safe, fun and happy hallowe’en!

Ps.  For those wondering about the designs, Andy and I purchased our patterns at The Pumpkin Lady!

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