It’s Monday and I’m drinking Hot Minty Coco!

My new Arm Warmers! Now that it’s getting chilly out there, it occurred to me that I should prolly make a pair of arm warmers for myself too!  So i whipped these guys up on the weekend, and I have to say, I loved how they turned out <3!

Also in the realm of craftiness, I just finished updating Twin Love with my newest creation, Wandering through Dreams at Night.   I had so much fun creating that necklace!! :evil:

I’m starting to finally get into the spirit of promoting myself too.  For so long, when ever anyone complimented my things, I’d thank them, blush and hurry away to the darkest nook or cranny.  These days, when someone compliments something I’ve made, I hurriedly dig through my purse and hand out business cards! Tee hee  :grin: They’re nothing fancy of course, just something i made up on PSP9 and printed off on those perforated card sheet thingies.  But it’s something else to get excited about!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic Monday!

And let me leave on a question, what kinds of things do you get excited about?

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One of my October goals is to write a blog post every day.  Really that’s an every day goal on it’s own anyways, but there’s something about the “beginning” of anything that inspires you to start this time, for sure.  Right.

But the question I read on so many blogs these days, is what to write about? Do I write for a reader? Do i write for myself? Do i write to remember things?

I think in the end, I just like to write what ever I’m thinking at the moment.  I’m envious of  Erin’s ability to make anything sound awesome.  Seriously, she can write about puking to painting toe nails to health-care debates and it’s all very enjoyable to read.  And one of the things i think she has over a lot of blogger, is how honest her writing always comes across.

When I write, what i really try to do is just get my thoughts down.  I’ll type the whole thing at once just to get it out, but upon reading it, I realize just how disjointed my brain is.

I was talking to my good friend Dave last night, and he phrased it in a way that I’ve often thought of but never really voiced.  He was telling me that his brain often works like tab browsing sometimes.  And that he’s always getting distracted from his original thought as he tabs aside things he wants to remember to touch upon.  I’m much the same way.  I keep day dreaming for the day we get to implant chips in our heads and download/upload thoughts, information and knowledge.

*gets side tracked by thinking about technology*

Oh look! My work day is almost complete!:grin:

Happy Friday everyone!:evil:

*hugs and kisses* :<3: :xox:

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Happy October Meow!

I love October.

October is when I finally stop kicking and screaming.  It’s when I finally dig out my favorite scarves, hats and sweaters,  and rock what my dear twin has coined “the mega look”. :razz: It’s when I begin to get excited about hot coco and sweaters and walking in the rain.   It’s a month where I’ve got something to look forward to every single weekend!

1. Thanks Giving! Nommmmm turkey/gravy/stuffing/cranberry/nommm!

2. Owl City in Vancouver with Joules! (omgomgomgomgican’twait)

3. Joules and I’s 27th Birthday. (wow am i really that old?!)

4. Zombie Walk and Hallowe’en! (still undecided on costume and now i have no timeeee)!!!!

This October 1st is also the 10 Year Anniversary of moving out on my own.  It seems a life time ago that Joules and I rented that dicey little basement suit out in Fernwood and struck out on our own.  The excitement of a place all our own, the struggles of getting that first couch we purchased from Sally Ann picked up and delivered, the memories of all our walks through downtown on so many lovely nights.  We haven’t lived together for a very long time, and of course we fought like cats, but it’s something i really do miss.  She really is the one person in the universe I never mind having around.

I rarely read into horoscopes, but the one in Monday Mag really caught my eye.  It echoes things I’ve been thinking about and preparing for.  This year, is my year to make it happen.

In the next 10 months, Mars is going to arouse you like you won’t believe!  You’re super turned on about all kinds of possibilities.  You’re eager to prove to others what you can do. You see that success is just within your grasp, and you intend to grab it!  Since things are going well at home, you can focus on your external world.  Focus on your objectives and stay there.

Crazy eh?

It’s all happening.

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