inothernews: In the contiguous United States, you are never…


In the contiguous United States, you are never more than 115 miles away from the nearest McDonald’s.  Each dot on this map represents the location of each of the famed franchise’s restaurants.

And that one spot that is exactly 115 miles away from a Golden Arches?  It sits in the middle of a desert in northwestern Nevada.

Bet you can still smell the fries from there.


I’m not surprised but it’s still crazy!!! We need to get people off McDonald’s.  I was reading this article in the Huffington post yesterday in which a women bought a happy meal, put it on a plate and took a photo of it every day. It never rots or molds, and just gets harder and shinier with age.  Why would anyone allow their bodies to ingest this, let alone their children?  Having worked 2 years at McDonald’s for my first job, I’m well versed in the way food is prepped.  Even the soda (pop in Canada), is terrible for us.  People laugh it off now, but when History books are written about this time, McDonald’s (and fast food in general) will be a looked at as a death sentence.

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