Hello meow.

Crumpled Paper began around March of 2007 one quiet night when I was bored as hell and playing World of Warcraft raiding some boring dungeon. I was doodling away and talking to my two best friends Meeko and Rice and Ta-da ~_~ My silly little comic was born.

The turtle is modeled after Meeks and the panda after Rice and the kitten after myself. Most of the early ones are inside jokes >< So they sometimes don’t make sense… but I hope you can find enjoyment in them none the less. The rest of them are mostly geek references… er.. as I’m kinda geeky. meow!!

I prefer HB no. 2 pencils as my medium. But I go over in black pen so they scan better.. I purchased a Wacom tablet a bazillion years ago… but oddly enough what I use it for most is pixeling!!1 It’s so fantastic for that (side note: i love the Q*bee!!!!!!!).  I’m just starting to move into colored illustrations and thinking about working on some kinda of longish epic comic or something but for that I think I’d actually need some sort of plot >< yikes.!   ~_~  I’m also thinking about trying to take some of my best comics and  get it printed into a cute little book… Kinda exciting!! Mostly intimidating.  I’m also delving into the world of Cross Stitch and I’d like to try cross stitching one of my doodles.  So many ideas!

Me and my Meeks <3!!1

I’m pretty simple.. a little shy, w/ lots of silly. I have a weakness for cute things, lolcats! anddd.. avocados. and peppermint tea. and things that start w/ the Letter “C” . And I like to make up new words.  And I like to start sentences with And. And I dislike using capitals, but i try ~_~ I work as a Financial Administrator for a private College, where my job description is pretty much everything and the kitchen sink, but the people are the best around and it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

I have a twin sister. I get mistaken for her a lot.  She drives me nuts but I love her to bits. I live with my Fiance Andy and my adorable cat Chibi. I haven’t drawn a comic in years and reading over this page, it needs a desperate over haul. But for now, it gives you an idea od who I am! This is my little corner of the interweb to do what I please and I love it.

Please be welcome and enjoy <3

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