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25 thing about me?1

**Updated on Oct 31st 2012**

1.   I can’t watch Television w/o doing something with my hands as well. It can be anything from knitting, crocheting, cooking, drawing, general cleaning.. anything! But I rarely sit there and just watch. 2

2.   I hate being tagged in memes and junk like this and I wouldn’t even be doing it if I wasn’t tagged by Michelle. 3

3.   I feel lost all the time. Like one day I’m suddenly going to find a book about my life and be able to follow it. 4

4.   I spend an insane amount of time worrying about the state of the world and the environment. I feel like an alien because I honestly can’t understand why we live the way we do. We have the knowledge and technology to change everything. But there is one thing that will always keep us from getting there.. greed.

4.   I’m 30, turning 31 and I still day dream about magic.

5.   I really dislike being social, and I’m tired of people trying to convince me that I’m a closet social butterfly.  This doesn’t mean i don’t like people. I have lots of friends I love and care for. But I don’t understand why i should feel so pressured into being social and going to events and stuff.  You miss me? Want to catch up? Well, i have a website.  And I always respond to emails and letters.

6.   I love Yahtzee.

7.   I’m only been on a plane once, and the furthest I’ve ever been is to Calgary.  A part of me is desperate to up and leave and go travelling somewhere. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere “great”.  I just want to see the world a bit more… I’ve not been to Hawaii once, and Vegas twice.

8.   Brown is my favorite color. It gets a bad rap but i love it.  And green.

9.   I try not to think about my weight.  It’s been a struggle my whole life, and while I could be a lot worse, I know i could be a lot better. I want to look in the mirror and not cringe anymore.

10.   I love Fred Astaire.

11.   I love all kinds of dance.   It is a beautiful form of expression.  I wish i could dance. I want to take dance lessons one day.  I’m excited that my mother loves to watch dance too.  It’s important to have someone who can share in your passion.

12.   I’ve already become bored with trying to think about interesting things about me… now i can’t even think about non-interesting things.

13.   My hands/arms and feet/legs go numb a lot. I wonder if i have bad circulation. My hands are usually colder than average too. It’s most likely all related…. not that I’ll ever know. (see #14)

14.   Doctors make me nervous. They always imply i’ making stuff up. So i never bother going to see them.. I’m pretty sure I have early carpal tunnel syndrome too but i won’t do anything about it because I’m just dumb like that.

15.   I used to write a lot.  I don’t anymore.  I don’t know why. But it used to make me sad.  But I’m still expressing my self through other mediums so it’s ok i guess.  I have a book of my collected poems I’ve been working on for years. I take it out every 6 months or so and then hide it again.

16.  (this is stolen from Michelle because it’s exactly how i feel and there’s no point re-writing it)  I don’t talk a lot partly because I prefer to observe/listen, partly because once I start talking I tend to say too much and embarrass myself. It’s easier just to stay quiet.

17.   I love sparkles. I wear sparkly eye make up every day. And not a day goes by where I don’t get at least one comment about it.

18.   I miss _____.

19.   Missing the bus makes me uncharacteristically angry. Like.. want to hurt something angry. And it happens a lot.

20.   I don’t mind cleaning and doing dishes but I hate doing it alone. I just need someone else in the room w/ me. But no one is ever willing to come chill at my flat w/ me and keep me company while i clean. They don’t need to do anything.. just be there. :(    This has been solved now that I live with Andy.  He helps me do everything.  <3!

21.   I love crafting. everyone who knows me knows how much i love to knit and crochet and stuff. I wish i was independently wealthy, so i could craft all day.  I could be happy for the rest of my life just making things.

22.  I love learning too. that’s why i love the Internet. it gives me the opportunity to constantly expand my knowledge base. whether I’m learning about the jellyfish phenomena, or ancient civilizations. It’s all interesting.

23.  I’m obsessed with reading the newspaper and following the news online. There is so much going on in the world that people don’t know about.  This always leaves me a little more informed then the average person and it ends up making me feel alone.

24.  I have a bad habit that I don’t really want to admit and I know I need to quit but I can’t at this moment in time… it’s one of the only things I truly dislike about myself.

25.  I worry about everything all the time, but you’ll be surprised to see I have a sunny disposition. I think it comes from all the negativity in the world. I’m trying single handedly to balance it out with positivity.

  1. this was originally a facebook meme but I dislike facebook []
  2. Luckily the people I hang out with most don’t mind this. []
  3. and i don’t want to do work i’m supposed to be doing []
  4. like that Doctor Who episode! []

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