More meow?

Hiiiii everyone! So I’m hearing that there’s not enough personal information about me. And I suppose that’s true as I only briefly describe the site history on my “About?” page. This prolly stems from the fact that I’m rather shy >< ./hide! So I’ll do a little story time break down for those of you that are interested in knowing a little bit more about me. *takes a deep breath* :arrow:

Me and My Mummy <3Once upon a time there was a lovely woman named Darlene *queue some flowery music*. She wanted a daughter and to her surprise, and hopefully delight, she had twins instead! As this was in the early 80’s, and my mum was a hippy there is little photo documentation, however, from the one pic I’ve seen where she was 8 months pregnant she was awesome and humongous! (tee hee). Then, under the light of many stars on October 23rd, 1982 at some hospital in Vancouver, two lovely girls were born. My sister got the rough end of the naming stick, Julianne for my grandfather Julian and Ruth for my grandmother. (joooking joules, I think your names are lovely)! I on the other hand, got a name
that my mom had picked when she was little. Christine! But as to the middle name? She was at a loss, and her and my father couldn’t decide. But they didn’t want to be one of those parents who chose days later, so they were trying to decide on the spot when my mum gazed out the window and saw the stars. And so I was given the middle name of Star, with only one “r” thank heavens.

Me and Joules doing this silly thing where we did a sister act ~_~ My childhood was absolutely fabulous. My mum raised 3 girls all on her own,(I have an older sister by 7 years), and I think she did a fantabulous job. She was just a stay at home mum on welfare, so we really had nothing all the time. There were always trips to the food bank and value village for clothes and what not. But those aren’t the memories that stand out when I think about my childhood… I think about having hot chocolate and peanut butter toast while I watch “My Little Ponies” getting ready before school. I think of trips to the park, and the beach and my mom’s amazing potato salad she always made for these events. But most of all I think of my twin and all the crazy things we used to do since she was basically a built in best friend. We played non stop. Like, real playing. The kind that kids don’t really do anymore. We re-enacted “Indiana Jones” when we found some rope one day.. or we’d play “Star Wars” w/ Christmas wrapping tubes.. or we’d go treasure hunting through different ally ways, taking apart old radios, rescuing strange cats… We’d dig holes in the yards (much to my mother’s dismay) and make booby-traps w/ the fresh cut grass from the neighbors house etc etc. I have a lot of good memories because even though we had very little, she tried incredibly hard to make the best of her situation. (Thanks mum <3)

Me and Joules in Gr. 12In grade 7 we moved to Victoria, and i thought my life was over. *queue melodramatic music* but i think it was the right thing to do now. My older sister who had moved a year prior was having her first child and my mother wanted to be in the same city. That and she had worries about what high school would be like in Vancouver. Life goes on, friends come and go. High school was… basically high school. I was a smarty pants, but I was able to travel in and out of most cliques. I did all sorts of extra junk like.. Choir, Musical Theater, library volunteer for a bit.. umm.. Helping out w/ concession in school dances.. Always going to the dances of course… I was on the girls soccer team for a bit.  So yah, I had a good time in high school.  I even had my share of heartbreaks.  In my grade 11 and 12 years I had a on and off again terribly tragic love affair with a boy I thought the world of, which ended some time in the summer after I graduated… My sister has a great saying she may or may not have stole, You live and live,  you live and burn.  I also had mono in grade 12 which was rather rough on me but I did look fabulous in my grad dress. :grin:

Me hiding behind my wow box! i like to hide!I took a year off after graduation (in 2000 FYI), and moved out w/ Joules and worked full time at McDonalds. I quickly moved up the ranks to Swing manager… aka Abuse Manager and did that until the following Sept when I started school at the University of Victoria. My first year I wasted on all sorts of silly courses like.. poli sci and junk like that. By my second year, I had settled on Linguistics which I then focused on for the next few years… then stress and money issues caused me to take a break. And…… then I started playing World of Warcraft and flash forward three years… where am I? Who am I? Which leads me into the next section of my life.. the WoW years..

This is my rogue Vandessa!!In early November of 2004, my then boyfriend, (hi Chrissss! [we’re still very good friends]), asked me if I wanted him to install the open Beta of WoW on my computer so we could play together. He thought I would like it because of how cutesy it was. We both became heavily addicted in that first week and promptly pre-ordered copies and went down bright and early before EB opened to get them. Oh the memories of those early wow days… we leveled a rogue/pally together. (I the rogue, he the pally) and we had fabulous times… Eventually, I got accepted into a high end raiding guild called Lost Anarchy, and he didn’t :(. With LA, I grew and progressed ( I had rolled a priest by this time), and I raided my way through Molten Core, Black Wing Lair, to AQ40, to Naxx… sacrificing much of my life to raid 4 nights a week. By the time we hit AQ40 my relationship w/ Chris of 5 years was pretty much dead… So we called it quits and I moved in with an old friend from high school. Leaving Chris was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It took me a long time to realize that even though I loved him very much, it was the wrong kind of love. And it was the right choice as we’re both still great friends and we’re both very happy where we are now! It was a good 5 years and I have no regrets.

Moon!!! She’s soooo pretty!So there i am… single, happy, living in my bedroom playing WoW.. but still lacking a little something.  It’s Jan 07 and the expansion comes out and I almost die from lack of sleep in my quest to be the first level 70 priest ( I was second )! :shock: It’s 16 hours shifts w/ a few hours nap here and there, some food if I remembered and then back at it. And all the time, I had Meeks and rice by my side. Now, I love love love Meeko and rice. Leveling to 70 with them is probably the happiest I’ve ever been in WoW.  It was so much fun chatting for hours and hours on vent. Joking around, and excited by the world before us.  And it’s because of them that this website is born. ./cheer!

Andy is cuuuteeee!So there I was, Wow Queen extrodanaire, confined to my bedroom. Pleased as punch with my daily routines and set to spend my days at the computer.  But then something happens I did not expect. In April of 2007  I met my Andy. :!: And at the risk of sounding cheesy, I finally found something worth skipping Warcraft for. And hopefully he won’t ever read this or I’m sure he’d be rolling his eyes by now, but there’s something to be said for love and passion.  It’s been a fair amount of work at times… and I’ve had to learn patience and understanding in a lot of ways… But why do anything unless you give it your all? ./nods So I basically quit wow because I’ve chosen to do other things with that time.  I spend a lot of time with Andy (we’ve moved on to playing old fashion RPG’s. D&D forever!), and my mom (she’s cool) and I work on my website which has become a passion in the last year, and drawing goes along w/ that as it’s the inspiration for my site… and w/my newfound interest in pixelling thanks to the Q*Bee, that also keeps me busy… I also have been madly in love w/ my knitting needles and crochet hooks. As most of my readers know, I have so many hobbies i just don’t know what to do w/ myself!

Me w/ my new glasses taken Feb 08!The last year has been really good for me. I moved into a flat by myself downtown, I live close to my mum and my sister. It’s a great location and I love living downtown where everything is so near at hand. I managed to repair my relations w/ Joules.. (it got pretty messy between her and I in the thick of my wow obsession). She still hates WoW to this day because of me >< I miss WoW a little, being in the top 10 world wide for boss kills, being the only one on the server to have a certain item… it’s a rush. But I look at all the things I’ve gained since I quit and I’m quite content with life. :grin: If you’ve actually made it this far and read this nice little abridged look into my life, thank you.

Yours Truly,
Christine Star McCallum

Me, Meeks and Rice!! Together always <3