six thousand

don’t ask…
but there are things…
i need to say.
don’t ask me why
(i have no reasons)

there are six thousand
languages in this world.
To: accompany our
six thousand misunderstandings.
there are six thousand excuses
To: accompany six thousand mistakes.
{and six thousand reasons why
i have come to a point
of nothing but

there were six thousand tears
on a wistful day in september.
when all i could smell was the rain
and then…. you.

there have been six thousand dreams
in which i’ve seen you smile.
and six thousand dreams of
something more.
there have been six thousand moments
in which i have longed to show you-
to tell you.
{what i have found in me
for you.}
and six thousand breaths of stillness
where i wish upon
six thousand constellations

and wait.
(in the space between)
six thousand thougths
for the one moment made
for you and i.

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