All comics (now located @ ) are drawn and written by C. S. McCallum (that’s me! ).

All doodles and graphics related to the comic  are created by me unless otherwise noted!! Please do not use or redistribute.

Any Qbee related graphics are used with permission from the Qbee!

The emoticons were made by the super cute Lisa of!

The Font in the header is Mesh Stitch from!

All layout doodle graphics are drawn by yours truly.

The Template is No Frills but it’s been tweaked a wee bit by yours truly!

My fav icon is made using the potion that Louise from made for me on my ToyBox page.  It was so cute that I wanted to use it all the time!

The Super Cute Mini Van and the adorable little Monster puff in the side bar were made by Mendy. *hugs*

I think that’s it ~_~

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