English Muffins make me smile.

Every time I listen to Obama speak, I spend all morning feeling so inspired thinking about how the world will change for the better.  And I start to blog hop and groove in my own little world at my desk…  and then i have to sit back and worry.  Because so many of my dailies and random blog hops show support for McCain that I’m actually a little shocked.  I don’t know how much they follow politics but I just can’t fathom how anyone can think the world will be better off with those two leading the country.  Did anyone even watch the Palin debate? Joey Sickpacks and hockey moms? *shakes head* I don’t want to let this go into a rant cause I’m not even American.  So I’ll just leave it at this.  Please do your research when voting in this up coming election. And vote right.

Ok, now onto fun stuff! My dear lovely friend Mendy over at Poetic Frog emailed me the cutest thing ever in the whole wide world. Behold!

Sad Van!     and     Happy Van!

Isn’t she adorable?????? *squeeeeeeeeee* *glomps* *hugs Mendy* I wish I was even half that talented when it comes to pixling.  She’s just so cute to me that I’ve been sitting here for a while now just looking at her <3 (when i should be getting ready for work!).  One of the great thing about the internet is all the amazing ppl you’ll meet that you never would have met without it. I feel privledged to have met so many womderful people online. *HUGS ALL OF YOU*

Ok. ENOUGH OF THE MUSHY STUFF. Well.. just one more thing that could be considered a little mush worthy. Here’s a pic of Andy and I at the wedding and the outfit I made. ~_~  And doesn’t Andy look adorable in a tux??? ./swoon

Andy and I at Matt and Jen’s Wedding <3


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  1. Actually, the Vice Presidential Debate is what secured my vote in the end. :P And yeah, Palin was kinda milkin’ it with trying to relate to soccer moms and all that jazz (lol) but I thought she did so much better representing McCain than Biden did with Obama. She seemed to clear a lot of things up where Biden wasn’t so much able…

    At any rate, I LOOOOOVVVEE your outfit; you did such a lovely job making it. ^___^ *huggles* You are absolutely gorgeous!!! And Andy looks really cute too. lol xD

    And those pixels of Van are SO CUTE also!! omg..

    Christine reply on October 6th, 2008:

    Thank you so much my dear !1 It was so hard and frusterating at times. But I was really happy with the end result. :grin:

    Not to start a debate or anything, but I had the complete opposite view of Palin. She didn’t answer any of the issues. If she was asked a question she couldn’t answer, she’d just start talking about anything to sound good. She’d even admit it and say ” Now I know you are asking about ______ but I want to talk about ______”. And she was disrespectful of Biden too. Not even adressing him by name or title. But Palin aside, I just have a hard time understanding why someone as open minded as you would vote for someone like McCain. They support the Bush Administration and nothing will change with him in power.

    Anywho! Please don’t take disrespect from this Tavvy. I adore you to the moon and back.

  2. glad you like the pixels :D I aim to please! :razz:

    I don’t really like any of the candidates but I detest Palin…..’nuff said. When she winked at the camera during the debate I almost puked.

  3. Oh CRAP, it just cut out all of what I said… LOL. I have to remember that if I use sideways hearts in your blog, it’ll delete everything I put after that. :razz: Luckily when I backspaced, I still had everything I said. Copy+paste FTW! ^___^ Here was my post:

    Not at all, Christine. I don’t think you’re being direspectful in the least bit. Awww, hehe, and your sentiments don’t go unreturned. :halo: We all have our own opinions, and I do agree with a *lot* of what Obama has to say.

    If it starts to get out of hand over at my blog (I’m STILL getting replies to my single post several days back… LOL) then maybe I’ll go hugely in depth as to the reasonings behind my choice. Apparently it’s been shocking quite a few individuals. :eek:

    Politically though, I consider myself to be a conservative liberalist… (also often times referred to as moderate libertarianism) ^^

  4. Andy looks handsome, & Christine looks beautiful.

    There I have spoken, lol.

    Hee hee. Sorry it took so long for me to comment.

    Love the graphics also.

    Van reply on October 10th, 2008:


    don’t apologize my dear! we’re all busy little bees.

  5. I totally agree! I don’t understand how people can vote for McCain.. but then again, I’m not American…
    Love your dress! :grin: