Happy Turkey Day!!!

Meowww… and HAPPY TURKEY DAY!! I’m cooking dinner today.. and watching Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs make me want to eat turkey. I’ve also cleaned my house and painted my nails. I r productive. I’ve also spiced up my “About” page.. and added some silly pics ~_~ My next task is to <i>pretty-a-size</i> the side bar cause i dont really like it. And.. like i say everyday, i really need to read some tutorials on the diff between IE and FF as my page looks awesome in FF and like shit in IE. le sigh.

PS:: i love the sound of typing… it’s so beatuful.. it’s like music to my ears…. the click click click way of the pastic reverbarating. soooo. nice.. and the syntax./… the super steady fast beat of backspacing. or … dot dot dot… ><

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