I LOVE THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been so rockingly hot and gorgeous here in Victoria! Summer time is most certainly here!

Since of course I’m too lazy to write a proper blog post, here’s my last few months via PICS! YAH!

Firstly, i signed up for two on-line course to see how easy it would be to get back into study mode!

Chibi cat has just LOVED this new development.  We have a new routine where she keeps me company as i study, provided I hook her up with some paper to lounge on.

photo 5





My mum gave me this lovely plant! It’s called a portulaca! And it’s soooooo gorgeous and blooms like crazy! Also note worthy in this picture is my awesome new Wine Tumblr.  Classy!photo 3



Holy addictive batman.  And it’s making me ALL nostalgic for my old wow days….photo 4


The summer skies have been oh so lovely… (and oh so chem-y if you know what I mean!photo 1 (1)

Chibi cat is my favouritest thing in the whole universe!photo 2 (1)

Coming in a short second are sunday afternoons with my Mumkins.  This is her lovely garden, (up on the 12th floor), proving she’s got the greenest thumb ever!
photo 1 (2)

More Chibiness….photo 4 (1)

More Wines…..photo 3 (1)

New song I love….

photo 5


What’s going on with you internet world?

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