Let’s talk music!!

Disclaimer: This thought is a little late.  I wanted to write it down at the end of Aug/early sept, and now it’s Sept 20th! What? How!? Time moves ever onwards!

So anyways, my thoughts.  As the summer wound up, I read a lot of articles on “songs of the summer”, and even more on the “song’s that didn’t make the cut” for the summer, and it got me thinking about my top 5 songs that have been on rotation pretty consistantly over the summer.  I listen to music a lot as I walk to and from work everyday rocking out on my iphone to pass the time, and i definitely go through phases and favorites. What riled me up to actually even think about making a blog post was in one of the latter articles that said “Birthday” by Katy Perry just didn’t make it as a song of the summer.

I was allll What!!? Wait! Just stop the music.  

Because honestly forces me to admit that Katy Perry has dominated my play lists this summer. Especially Birthday! No matter what kind of day I had, how stressed i felt, what the weather was, as soon as this song came on I felt good.  It’s a feel good song that makes you want to groove with it.

#1 Birthday

Dark Horse, of course, also makes the list but in particular, an amazing remix I found on youtube. I listen to this more than the original so it takes a place in the top 5.

#2  Dark Horse Gold House Remix (perfect for booking it to work!)

The other artist that dominate my rotation is Calvin Harris.  He’s literally *always* on rotation because he has so many hits.  But the ones I love the most and listen to always are:

#3 Calvin Harris – Thinking About You ft. Ayah Marar  (this is another feel good groove along to song for me)

#4  Calvin Harris & Alesso – Under Control ft. Hurts ( just Love love love the build up in this one.)

My other CH favs, were I not limiting my list to 5 are also Summer, Let’s Go ft. Neyo, We found Love ft Rhianna,  and Feel so close.

The 5th spot was a tight battle between my last two favorite songs this summer, but Cobra Starship wins with You make me Feel.

#5 Cobra Starship: You Make Me Feel… ft. Sabi (this song actually came out in 2011, but I’d never heard it till this summer on a songza playlist.)

The other song that didn’t quite make it, but that gets played an awful lot is:

Afrojack – Ten Feet Tall (Lyric Video) ft. Wrabel

It also has a really good build up, smooth vocals, pretty words. Love it!

Any who, now that it’s fall, i’m trying on some other new songs, getting a feel for them.  Have to admit, the moment Shake it off came out, it was added to the rotation pretty quickly! Which is funny, because that’s another song that was referenced as being released too late for the summer. I think Tswift’s timing was perfect tho.  A fresh new pop song just when the old ones are getting a bit worn.

Also, speaking of silly things on the internet, I read an article that said people who listen to pop music are less creative! Can you believe that? Oh i had a good chuckle at that. ^^

So tell me, what were your top 5 repeat songs of the summer?


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