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People I adore, blogs I love, things that makes me awe and so forth! Meow!

If you would like to link me,  feel free! Here are a few buttons you can use that were made for me by my bestest Q*bee friends, Mendy, Christy and Lori.

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  1. Well hello, the last time I saw or talked to you would have been about 20 years ago. Your cousin Amy Angel, my sisters daughter told me about your blog and ever since your grandmother Ruth McCallum has desperately been trying to find your blog. You see I have just recently got her to use a iPad. I’m slowly pulling out my hair. If both you and joules could send me your email address I will pass it onto my mom. She loves you girls very much and would love to hear what you are all doing in your life now. Lots of love your aunt Karen


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