I spent all morning putting up all my old comics to archive them… it was alot of work. But now they’re all up on this site <3!! I’ve been listening to the postal service all morning too. and drinking black coffee. sitting in my underwear endlessly coding and uploading and tweaking… god i love my computer.

However.. one must distract oneself occasionally… stumble one might say… so i found this amazing site where I made this: xmas lites Totally awesome ~_~

 This site is also cool but it made me feel dizzy after a few mins ><

WELLLL.. my site is still broken in a few places.. but imma take a break now >< zzzzz <3

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Yah yah yah…

I know i have nothing up >< I’m working on it.

In the mean time… you may look at some art work here and here.

Both done on my wacom tablet. The frame for them was done in penci and then scanned.. and then i added details/textures in photoshop. i heart my tablet.

And for my random picture of the day!


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Hmmmm.. first post!!!

HIIIIII. This is the new and improved Crumpled paper website w/ a sexy sql database… which means no longer manually editing old html for updates XD !!!

However… i have a lot of work to do to make this pretty. Here i go…

oh yah. and since i deleted the first test post.



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