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RAWR…. 21 days and ppl have been freaking out at me… summer is a hard time to be consistant. However, we are fast approaching my favorite season. AUTUMN!!!!! aka. FALLL!!!!!! i love the fall. for many reasons.

1. All the red and orange leaves match my red hair

2. It’s cool enough to wear scarves but not too cold.



5. zomg pumpkins and HALLOWEEEEEN

6. it’s the prelude to XMAS in which i get to decorate my tree.

Anyyyyways, i’m pretty excited.. EXCITED. Also exciting, is, my best friend just went to PAX, and brought me back a Fruit Fucker shirt… *beams* Also… a signed program from Wil Wheaton… ./dreamy sigh

OK. NEW PIRATES UPDATE: I r level 30 yo. and YARR now i be lookin’ like a pirate. SEE HERE and HERE.

And now… for the real reason, i’m updating… no no, no new comic. but i have like… a bucnh of new doodles… cause i’m lame. and feeling emo about drawing. siiiiigh. oh meeks. ANYWYAS, Fraser challenged me to try and draw my characters in a diff and darker style… and this is the result.

evil kitty

Even tho it’s completely against her nature, i had a lot of fun drawing it. and i guess that’s the important thing ^^ I also did one for ther robot… it didnt turn out quite as good. Check it here . There are a few more doodles in the DOODLE SECTION MEOW. And…. i have 2 comics i’m working on, i swear. I’ll post them late this week ~_~ and!!!! God’s i hate this layout. I’m going to try and change it ASAP.

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06/18/2007 – I know.. i know.

It’s been so long since i updated. Cause I’m moving in 10 days… so i’ve been packing, arrranging stuff.. transferring services etc etc. and working crazy shifts.. and so forth. So… yah.. no new comic till after JUly 1st most likey. tho i do have a good idea on the go. i think. maybe

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05/28/2007 – Invisible Blocks are fucking hot.

NEW LOOK MEOW. What do you think? Yes? No? Mewwwww >< I have a few more idea’s i’m working on, i just need some solid time to draw. I think i’m going to revamp the comic pages. fuck. who mastered the art of invisible block technology? because i need some.. i need some of that shit. that’s awsome. Yah… anyways…. i need a laptop so i can work on this when i’m out and about. NOTE BOOK WHERE ARE YOU? Yep Yep.

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Just tell me you will…

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05/24/2007 – I was just wondering if you’d come along…. ~dmb

I’ve been listening to DMB all morning… i havent listened to them in years… but the live stuff w/ Tim Reynolds?? so good. ./nod

I have 2 comics like.. 85% done.. i just havent had a lot of time the last few days. so… sorrriess!?? BUT TONIGHT IS PIRATES AFTER WORK. OH BABY. so the comics can wait ~_~

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