I’ve missed the sun…

After a few rainy weeks here we’ve had a small break with some lovely sun that has done wonders for restoring my good spirits. I just love walking to work when it’s all bright and sunny out. Especially when I see interesting things like this!

Nine Eleven

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen 9/11 truth stuff in Victoria, and every time, it strikes me as sort of odd.  We’re a small little city in Canada on an island and yet there are still ripples from this even over ten years old now that still effect us.  There was even a lecture a few years back at UVIC by Dr. Niels Harrit about the third building. I dragged Joules with me and it was a fascinating talk.  I feel like there are a lot of good points and un-answered questions that get ignored by people who want to write off the truth movement as all crazy tin hat wearing conspiracy theorists. But unless someone (Wikileaks, Snowden etc) uncovers some crazy buried documents, I don’t think we’ll ever really know.

Speaking of interesting things!

I saw a guy with a metal detector in the park that I walk by on my way home.  I wanted to talk to him, but with his super sonic headphones on, i felt like i would be an intrusion.  So I secretly snapped a pic of him!

IMG_3868I was pretending to take a selfie, so he wouldn’t notice. But he had found something and was busy digging away so he most likely didn’t even notice me.

See how sunny it was?! One of the ONLY GOOD things about Daylight savings. I woke up hella tired Monday morning, but at least I got to walk home while it was still nice and sunny.

It makes for some truly lovely pictures.

IMG_3874To anyone out there still reading this, what have you been up to?



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Thought Stream One

1) http://archaeology.org/news/1882-140306-egypt-papyrus-letter

(Bancroft Library at the University of California Berkeley)

“HOUSTON, TEXAS—Grant Adamson of Rice University has translated a papyrus discovered 100 years ago outside a temple in the Egyptian town of Tebtunis. Infrared images of the papyrus have made parts of the text, written mostly in Greek, more legible. It is a letter written 1,800 years ago by an Egyptian soldier named Aurelius Polion, who was serving in a Roman legion in Europe. He is desperate to hear from his family, and wants to make the long journey home to see his mother, sister, and brother. “I think that some aspects of military service belong to a common experience across ancient and modern civilizations—part of our human experience in general really. Things like worry and homesickness,” Adamson told Live Science.”

This makes me feel sad.  Thousands of years have passes, and we’re still sending off our young men (and women) to die in wars for monetary interests.

2) I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence

3) How is it only 3pm???

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So I did it!

I finally upgraded to Ios 7. I had been delaying the inevitable as I had read that the update shortened battery life, but as more and more apps I wanted to download informed me that they would only work on Ios 7, I knew the time had come.

And you know what?

The world did not end. Yet.

Since I just did the upgrade last night before bed, today will be the first test for how long the battery lasts. So we’ll see!

Any who, on to some other things.  Just read this on the Huff Po:

Beaver Anal Secretions:

Used as a vanilla substitute.

! Isn’t that just so crazy?  Who was the first scientist to smell/taste a beaver’s anal secretions and decided it would make a good vanilla substitute?  As someone who loves vanilla and the scent /taste. It’s got me worried.

Listed under “ingredients” as: Castoreum

Dear heavens…. I’ve got a Quaker Vanilla Yogurt bar on my desk right now.

*rushes to look*

Ok, I think I’m safe. I saw nothing called Castoreum. *phew*

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So much cute!!!1

Checking Facebook before bed… cause, you know, and I saw the cutest video!

I love it at the end when she calls them and they all turn right away!I just can’t wait till the day I have a house and I can convince Andy to let me raise baby goats! I just want to have a big big animal family! With dogs and cats and chickens and goats and love them all!

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Today I feel….

The crushing weight of monotony.

The crushing weight of my job.

The lack of magic in the air.

A thousand pounds of stress.

Hopeless that I’ll ever make a difference in the world for good.

The full weight of gravity.

The heaviness of my extra pounds I just cannot seem to get rid of.

Queasy at the notion that after 31 years on this planet, maybe it’s time to stop expecting my life to turn into a fantasy novel.

Like writing an epic novel. Or at least an emo blog entry.

This is how I feel today. This is my baseline.

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