Half way through November what!?

There goes my whole \i want to blog every day of Oct nonsense. *sigh*

October was a bit of a “trying times” month, if you know what I mean. It’s left me feeling a bit vulnerable, a bit emotional. You know what I mean, right? Tearing up at kitten video’s and random acts of kindness and what not. Tripping headfirst into mis-understandings with my husband. Thinking about mortality and the inevitability of my mothers passing one day. It’s all a bummer. That and the never ending rain of November.


Thank the universe for Chibi cat.

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More Leaf Pics

Erica kindly demanded requested that I show a few pics of the leaves on my walls. :) Well, i am more than happy to oblige.

leaffsssssA few notes; the pic in the top left that has two leaves side by side? Ana placed those because she wanted them to be friends.  Seriously, could she be any more darling!?

In the top right picture, that print is the first peice of art Andy and I picked out together when we moved in. I love the spirals!

In the bottom left, that monogram sign is something I whipped up for the wedding. Super cute, right!?

Yay leaves!

Also, I remembered to take a pic of the cover of my lovely wedding scrap book.



I fell in love with it instantly for the following reasons:

1) The birds. I LOVE BIRDS!

2) It was almost my wedding colours, greens, creams, dusty rose and shades of pink.

3) It’s hard to see in this pic, but the top left corner has this lovely sparkly glossy thing going on that is right up my sparkle alley! There are also sparkle highlights on the wings of the birds. SO PRETTY.

So that’s all for my little update! One of these days I’ll write a post with substance, I swear. ~_~


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Loving that it’s Fall

I love Fall.

I love the leaves and the wind and yes, I even love the rain.

This weekend Ana and I got our craft on to decorate the walls with the colors of Fall.  When I was little, my mum and I (and twin) used to go walking in the parks and collect fallen leaves and plaster them all over the walls.  Since I know Andy wouldn’t be quite on board with that, we decided to have fun painting some instead.

IMG_2710Aren’t they all lovely!?  The ultra sparkly ones to the left are mine, of course ~_~  The bottom 4 to the right are Ana’s, (I love how she experimented with the colours) and the top 4 are Andy’s. (the ones that have no sparkle what so ever! and are fairly realistic!) We had TOO much fun making them.  I wish I’d bought 2 packs! These leaves are now stuck randomly on the walls around our living room. It looks ever so lovely. :)

The other bit of craftiness I was working on this rainy weekend was my wedding scrap book.  Late Friday night had me running to Walmart to print off a whack of 4×6’s so I could get busy! I’m not doing it in chronological order, but rather, whatever strikes my fancy.  So the first few pages I wanted to do focused on the wedding programs and some cute pics of us hiding and smooching behind the programs.

IMG_2708I bought a few packs of stickers and pretty wedding themey things, but not a lot as I want to incorporate all the cards we were given and try and use stuff I already have. Lucky for me, I have toooonnnsss of left over supplies from the bazillion different projects I took on while wedding planning.

This next pic is dedicated to my big sis and I.  I cut up the card she gave me in such a way that I have the writing saved on the back of the page, and the front I de-constructed to capture the word “Love” and use the rest of if as a pretty backdrop for the pictures.

IMG_2722The next page is for my other sister, Joules.  I’m having too much fun I tells ya!  I’ve never made a real scrapbook before. I’ve had a few collage styled journals here and there through life, but this is my first time trying to make every page lovely.

IMG_2723I forgot to take a pic of the front of my album. Its soooooo lovely! Purchased with a coupon from Michael’s of course!

So instead, i’ll end this with a redonkulous collage of me. Taken this morning as I was getting ready for work.  I like to make funny faces.

sillymecollagePs. I’m having a great hair day!






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I’ve been thinking about this for a longgggg time.

A long long long time.

I knew as soon as my wedding was over, it would only be a matter of time.

And that time came this morning.

Yes, I’m talking about the post-wedding chop.


I’ve had long hair for pretty much the last 10 years.  I did a dramatic chop when I was 17 that left me a little traumatized, and so I spent my 20’s with barely a haircut a year. I just let it grow and grow.  But I should have taken better care of it, cause even though it’s long, it was getting scraggly and thin.  Also, Andy is constantly pulling it by accident, rolling over on it in bed and constantly picking loose hairs off my clothes.

Here I am, looking at my tresses one last time.



Am I really going to do this!? YES.

Here I am at the hair cutting place taking one last selfie. Me and my hair…

cut-2And here it is…

Not on my head!!!!!!!!!

cut-3(Even here, you can see how thin it had become . It was time.)

And here I am! New hair and loving it! I think. Or I could be in shock.



But it sure feels nice.  I can run my fingers through it and everything! No tangles! No pulling hair out! No getting caught in my back pack!

So, did i make the right call!?



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Finally got some wedding photos eeeekkkksss!!!!!

It’s only been a few weeks since Andy and I tied the knot, but it feels like forever. So of course i’m going crazy wanting to see wedding photos.  What makes it even worse is that Andy and I decided to have an “unplugged” ceremony, which means I don’t even have guest photos to tide me over!!

Finally, yesterday, our AMAZING photographers, Andrew and Jen of Andrew Paquet Photography, posted their favorites on their blog.


They are so beautiful. And amazing.  And just so wonderful.  I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to capture my day. All the details, everything I worked so hard on all year, captured beautifully for all time.

A note about those gold coins in the lower left corner; those were thrown by our daughter (my step) Ana.  It was her idea because she didn’t like how rose petals flew away in the wind.  So cute!


Despite the rain the night before almost causing me a breakdown, it was beautiful on the day of.  Just absolutely beautiful.



This pic above here is one of my absolute favs.  Leading up to the wedding, Andy and I practiced  putting his ring on as his knuckles are huge!!! I struggled every time, and on the day of, it was no different.  The last panel I’m so excited that I did it!

ChristineandAndyBWAndrewPaquetPhotography2013-259_STOMPEDThis one is just amazing.  A moment in time that Andrew managed to capture of Andy’s daughter, now my step-daughter, running with her ribbon wand.  There’s no one else around, and it’s just perfect. A once in a life time shot!


I love this shot too. I love all the shots.  This pic was taking after all the bridal party and family photos, when everyone left and it was just my husband and I. (And our photographer of course!)

ChristineandAndyColourAndrewPaquetPhotography2013-226_STOMPEDThere was this amazing willow tree that I was really excited to take pictures with! I love willow trees.  I love how this one turned out too! Getting married was so much fun!

ChristineandAndyColourAndrewPaquetPhotography2013-241_STOMPEDMy bouquet that I had too much fun making! With my Chibi charm of course!



Andy’s awesome batman cuff links that I got him for our 6 year anniversary!



I love the look on Andy’s face in that first panel. SO CUTE!

ChristineandAndyColourAndrewPaquetPhotography2013-277_STOMPEDHis bow tie was crooked all day and all night.  So darling.

ChristineandAndyColourAndrewPaquetPhotography2013-281_STOMPED (1)I enjoyed taking a moment to sit on the steps and relax. These were some of the last pics we took. And I got to show off my AMAZING shoes.

ChristineandAndyColourAndrewPaquetPhotography2013-279_STOMPEDAre they not the CUTEST!?  Also, finding those pirate socks for Andy was quite an effort. I ran alllll over town looking for some kitschy fun socks for him to wear.

ChristineandAndyColourAndrewPaquetPhotography2013-295_STOMPEDAnd of course I needed to get me some of those cute ” I do” stickers as my something blue!

ChristineandAndyColourAndrewPaquetPhotography2013-304_STOMPEDIt was just so much fun. The whole day. And Andrew, our photographer, just made everything so relaxed and easy! Thank you so much Andrew, for being the most amazing man with a camera I’ve ever met!

I just cannot wait to see them alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEKKSSSS!












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