quick notes on SYTYCD Top Twenty

early favs

team stage

team street

general thoughts
-girls be KILLING it this season
-dance 4, THESE LADIES BE KILLING IT (Brian Fiedman is crazy!!!!!!!111) the judges comments tho? PSH. you’ve asked them to dance crazy sexy outfits in stilleto black heels for universe sake.
~the camera men/cinemetography needs to clean it up! couldn’t even believe that we actually saw one cover a dance scene

the end performance was…. umm.. ok. >< last contemporary peice/almost at the end take away thought
Gabby always stands out!

last hip hop dance
-send asaf homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ./anooyed
srsly, all the street girls are in my top
megs = lily > yorelis > jj > ariana = yaya
(in that order if i have to pick one)

in review (as they roll through all the dances, each line is a diff dance)
yah megz and jj!
gabby is amazinggggggggggg
the girls KILLS it, esp lily (send asaf home)
these ladies are also killing it! (disagree with judges)
ballet it too hard
girls killing it
i felt lots of emotion, ./annnoyed at judges comments

over all, great new format. can’t wait to see how it evolves.
Women are going to win this season.
i miss Mary murphy
but i grudgingly can’t dislike paula because she is really nice and i agree with her alot of the time.
but a whole season with not hot tamale train? the era of Anya and Pasha is really over.

Last thought:

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