Hev is too Sweet!

My good friend Hev is too sweet for words! She is the Cross Stitch Mistress extraordinaire!  She made me one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received, and has always been super supportive.

She has this awesome program that can turn images into charts and has made a chart for Twin Love!

Twin Love Chart!

How amazing is that?  As soon as things calm down a bit, and our Pearks show is over, I totally want to stitch that and sew it into a bag.  She’s also been kind enough to place a link to out Twin Love site <3 Thanks Hev!

The Lovely Joules! So last night’s Crochet club was super productive! I think that’s due to the fact that only Julianne and I showed up :oops:! It was absolutely pouring rain last night. It was awesome. I managed to complete 2 hats yaya!
Here’s a pic of Joules trying one of them on. Isn’t she beautiful? The picture is from my cell and it was so dark that I tried to lighten it in Picnik just now and it made the blue too bright.  It’s really more of a Robin’s egg blue… Anywho! The hat is my own design that I made up in my head and I haven’t figured out what to call it yet.  I’m waiting for the perfect name to come to me.  I’m always welcome to suggestions as well!

Well, I should get back to work and what not! I can’t wait till the weekend begins.  It’s going to be a back to back crochet extravaganza!

Happy Friday! :smile:

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