The Comic

From Mar of 2007 to Oct of 2009 I worked on a weekly (most of the time) web comic.   Here is the collection of comics from start to beginning.  It’s amazing to me, how much my drawing changed over time. I love see the evolution of Van, Meeko and Rice. I hope you have as much fun looking through my comics as I had drawing them.




  1. It’s all so adorable! This has been added tomy favorites! Although, I don’t think our pets would get along.

    I’m a HUGE rodent lover. >.>I have 3 rats.I just finished giving the darlings some broccoli.

    Also, is this site your own domain? I like how it’s all so clean. Usual sites as so messy!

    Well, nice meeting you! :mrgreen:


  2. Yea, I have my own blog. I started it a while back. But I’m fixing it up so I’ll share the link later! :oops:

    I’m an artist too,and I already made 1 little comic book about Medusa that my friends adore!

    I’m still a bit young. But I have strong passions for the arts. (This includes art,writing,acting,singing….)

    I’m glad I could make your day. I think it’s good that you don’t get a lot of visitors.A secret this good doesn’t deserve to be filled with spam/profanity. However, I will tell my friends about it. ;D

    Sorry for any grammatical mistakes I might have made. I tried to correct it as much as possible! :cool:



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