Vandessa the Kitten

Hello meow!Hello! This is Vandessa. She is very pleased to meet you.


Van originated from a doodle I did at work one day. I was a customer service representative in a call centre for an American cell phone company. We worked in small teams, led by a “Team Leader”, and to promote work incentives, there were occasionally contests and silly events.

Determined Kitty is determined!In this particular event, each team was a different company represented in a stock market. And our statistics  1 related to whether we would rise and fall in the stocks. And then Operations  2 would support different teams by investing in them.

Any who, long story short, my team was assigned a Taxidermy company.  3 I created the logo, which was a cat head with “X”s for eyes, as well as the slogan; Love your pets to Death!

I honestly can’t remember what happened with that competition, but when that silly thing ended, the taxidermy kitty was gone, and Vandessa was born !  She’s changed a lot over the years as my drawing style has evolved and to me, has become more and more her own person :)

Infuuuusssssionnnn!!!!She likes…

Coffee, tea and almost all hot beverages!

Mugs for all liquid choices, because;

a) hot beverages > cold ones


                                                     b) why wouldn’t you want a handle?

Wet Whiskers ><

She dislikes…

Getting her paws wet to do the dishes… (but every kitten gots to do it! Constant Vigilence!!!)

Crumbs in her toes.

Negativity and being negative about stuff.

Mushrooms and cups of coffee that end too soon.

 I wish I was a ballerina!


She dreams…

About becoming a dancer.

She’s pretty sure she was a ballerina in a past life…

She loves So You Think You Can Dance

She’s determined to turn everyone into a dance fan.

Vote Obama

She’s passionate about…

Foward thinking Politics and Change for a better future.

Being Positive!

She’s not afraid to express opinions.

Creating and crafting her way through the Universe.

Staying true to herself.

A few years ago, Van fell in love with a Robot named F.R.E.D.

After years of learning each others quirks and habits, F.R.E.D decided to make his love for Van a little more permanent.

(Just a quick little doodle)

And of course she said….


  1. attendance, call time etc []
  2. the management, we were production []
  3. I know, morbid right?? []

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